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Natural Calming Remedy for High-Strung, High-Energy, Over-the-Top Dogs


Our Bestselling Remedy for Excess Nervous Energy In Hyper, High-Strung Dogs

Does your dog have more energy than he knows what to do with?


Does she have trouble settling down unless absolutely exhausted?

When describing your dog, do you use words like wild, crazy, hyper, climbing the walls?


It can be so frustrating living with a great dog that, despite some wonderful qualities, just can't settle down. 

A dog that leaps up at the slightest movement or noise. 

A dog that is on the move constantly. 

A dog that never seems to be able to rest. 

You love him, you'd do anything for him, but wouldn't it be something to celebrate if he could just chill out for awhile?!

Are you ready for some good news?

Drug-Free Help for a Calmer, More Relaxed Dog


Now you can give your canine wild child some much-needed quiet time with our bestselling flower essence formula designed by Mother Nature herself – Aldaron Essence’s CALM. 

This exclusive blend of Bach and North American flower essences has been carefully created with some of the most powerful, effective, yet gentle natural remedies to help calm your dog's body and quiet his mind. 

Not only will our popular flower essence blend help reduce restlessness and nervous energy, it’ll also help…

  • RELAX your dog's mind and body from built-up stress (whether from temperament, lack of exercise, or too little mental stimulation)

  • TONE DOWN the incessant whining, barking, and alerting common in high strung dogs

  • RELIEVE excessive pacing or circling when they’re looking for a place to rest or sleep

  • IMPROVE self-control and other high-energy tendencies often associated with tightly wound dogs.

“CALM by Aldaron Essences is a superior blend of Bach and American flower remedies that’s been formulated exclusively to help bring much-needed peace to high-strung, high-energy dogs - just like your own.”

Our CALM 100% all-natural flower essence formula is perfect for dogs of all ages and activity levels that just have a hard time controlling their energy and settling down. 

CALM will not only help give your dog a newfound sense of peace, but it’ll also help reduce the pacing, alerting, and never-ending restlessness so common in high strung dogs.

And in dogs that are high strung but also have other behavior issues, like fearfulness, reactivity, or separation anxiety? CALM is our go-to blend for taking the edge off in high stress situations, actually improving the effectiveness of some our already-effective formulas. 

Our uniquely effective CALM formula has helped dogs across the USA and beyond. But what do our customers say?

"Talk about excess energy to the extreme. [My pups] are now 4 months old and bouncing off the walls.... I add it to their water bowl and wait for the calm to appear which takes about 2 minutes. Thanks Aldaron Essences." ~ Elinor

"There is a noticeable difference in 8 month old puppy since I started using this product. My dog is highly sensitive and reactive around noises. Since using Calm I am able to help her move thru most situations. She is able to settle easily in her crate or her bed. I would highly recommend Calm." ~ Nancy

"We have a chihuahua mix who is prone to shaking... when she's happy, nervous, excited, she shakes. Calm has really balanced her out, and we don't see the shaking that we once did." ~ Cynthia

"I have used Calm along with the Hyper-Drive to help my Belgian Malinois stay as calm as possible while recovering from her hip replacement surgery. They have both helped her (and me!) with her energy level. I don't know what I would do without these essences." ~ Cindy

Try Our Exclusive CALM Blend For Yourself

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, drug-free and all-natural solution that will help your dog settle and relax without resorting to sedatives, you owe it to your dog - and yourself - to give our highly popular CALM blend a try.

How's it work?

Bach flowers balance out extreme emotions in both animals and people alike. They work with subtle body and mind energies and gently transform unhealthy, unbalanced emotional energies into their healthier, stronger selves. It’s an alternative medicine with an 80+ year history of success!

Is it hard to use?

Bach flower essences are very easy to use. Simply place a few drops of the essences in your dog’s food, on treats or directly in your dog's mouth. The essences are not hard on the body in any way and have no side-effects.

When can I expect results?

Positive effects from our Bach flower essence blends typically begin with 3 to 14 days, and build over time. Some blends, like CALM, also are found to have quicker, short-term effects, making it ideal for "on the spot" calming!

Is it expensive?

Flower remedies are one of the most economical natural therapies around. An 8 week supply of Calm is just $18.99 !

Options: We offer ½ OZ, 1 OZ, 2 OZ and 4 OZ sized options that come with a dropper tip or as a fine mist spray, as well as two preservative options: traditional and alcohol-free.

So, if you're ready to help your dog graduate from wild child to settled and steady; if you're ready to enjoy less craziness and more peace at home...

Get your healing flowers today and start helping your dog feel better.

Your dog will thank you!

Disclaimer and Common Sense Caution: 


Aldaron Essences formulas, and flower essences in general, are not medications and are not a substitute for veterinary care.


Behavior problems can be a sign of something physically wrong – please consult with your animal health care professional regularly, and if your dog experiences any sudden or dramatic change in behavior.

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