How to Prepare a Flower Essence Blend for Your Dog (or Yourself)


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Interested in blending your own flower essence combination for your dog, or yourself? It’s a simple process, no special knowledge required, and very few materials. Here’s the step-by-step of what you’ll need and how to put it together.


What you’ll need to prepare a flower essence blend:

  • Dropper bottle.  These are available from most any health food store or natural grocery.

  • Natural preservative. Optional but recommended, you can extend the shelf life of your flower essence formula by using food-grade vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar, or brandy as preservative. With no added preservative, your flower essence formula will stay good about 2 weeks, and only if refrigerated.

  • Spring, artesian, or good quality well water. Basically any good natural water. No tap or distilled water, please!  

  • Flower essences. Individual Bach flower essences are available at most brick-and-mortar and online natural health stores. While essences may be given straight from the stock bottle, they are actually intended to be diluted into dosage bottles. (This is just as effective, and far more economical!)   



How to put your flower essence blend together:

Start by thoroughly washing the dropper bottle in dish soap and water. I prefer to also sterilize the bottle and dropper, as well. (Simmering the glass dropper bottle upright in a pan with a little water for 15-20 minutes works well. Much like you would sterilize a baby bottle.) 

Into the clean dropper bottle, add a small amount of natural preservative; how much depends on type used. Brandy is the traditional and most effective preservative. When used at 1/5 the total volume of liquid, it will keep the blend usable for several months. Vegetable glycerin and apple cider vinegar are also good but less effective; you’ll need to use either at 2/5th the total volume to keep the mixture bacteria-free for a few months. If you choose not to use any preservative, be sure to keep the formula bottle refrigerated and use up within two weeks.

Then fill the bottle to the “collar” with spring water. Don’t fill all the way to the top, since you need to add your flower essences and leave room to put in the dropper!

Into the above, add 4 drops each of your selected flower essences. Recommendations vary, but most sources suggest combining no more than 6 flower essences into one blend.

Screw on the dropper top, shake well, and your formula is ready for use!

For information on administering flower essences to your dog, as well as what their balancing effect can look like in dogs, my Instructions For Using Your Aldaron Essences Formula is a good general guide.

For more general info and background on flower essences, see my article, Dog Behavior Problem? Try Flower Essences

Julie Cantrell, BSc CDBC

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