Dog Training & Behavior Articles

Practical and positive tips on training your dog and understanding canine behavior. 

Dog Behavior & Training: General Concepts

  • The Role of Leadership in Dog Training: Dogs look for leadership in their pack, and when it's lacking, problems tend to arise. Learn how to fairly, non-violently increase your leadership status in your dog’s eyes.

  • Understanding Confidence Building in Dogs: A confident, self-assured dog is easier – and more enjoyable – to train, work, and live with. Learn how to improve your dog's confidence with training, confidence-building activities, patience and understanding.

  • Overcoming Setbacks in Dog TrainingSetbacks during dog training and behavior work can be frustrating and disappointing. But they do not need to mean you’ve failed. Learn how to minimize the negative impact of bad experiences on your dog's behavior. Read article...

  • The 3 Rules of Follow-Through in Dog Training: Every time you ask your dog to do something, you're communicating more than just words to your dog. You're teaching your dog your expectations, When dogs respond inconsistently to our commands, it's almost always because we have taught them to do just that. Read article...

Dog Behavior Issues

  • Troubleshooting Your Dog's Problem Behavior"My dog just won't listen!" Do you find yourself saying that, but can't quite figure out what the problem is? Before you can fix a problem, you've got to identify it. This article will guide you through the first step to getting back on track when your dog “isn’t listening”. Read article...

Training Your Dog : Foundation Behaviors

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Julie's Training Tips

  • Holiday Stress Prevention for Your Dog: During the holidays, our dogs often experience changes in their routine, amount of exercise and social contact. These can challenge any dog’s ability to remain emotionally even-keeled! Learn practical tips to help minimize your dog's stress during the holidays. Read article...

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