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Does your dog’s aggressive behavior have you frustrated and worried? 

Let’s face it - you love your dog like family, but that pushy, bossy attitude and those over-the-top aggressive reactions – it's more than you bargained for. 

To say it’s “no fun” to deal with would be a huge understatement. Aggressive dog behavior can be a major source of stress, worry, frustration, and concern. 

Maybe you’re dealing with a dog that’s only aggressive during specific situations (like on-leash reactivity, when attempting to play with other dogs, or meeting new people). 

Or maybe he’s bad-tempered and hard to get along with more often than not. 

This much is obvious: your dog is stressed, not coping well, and acting out. And you are stressed – and frustrated, worried, and probably even angry at times. 

All these negative emotions whirling around can feed into a vicious cycle of bad behavior, escalating as time goes by. 

Most dog aggression can be at least greatly improved, and often fixed. But it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency on the part of everyone involved.

You not alone if you've wondered… 

Is there a way to reduce a dog’s aggressive tendencies, without resorting to drugs and their side effects?

I mean, seriously -- wouldn’t it be nice to have just a little bit of extra help? A “secret ingredient” to help your dog's better-behavior training be more successful, with fewer setbacks? Something that could help bring out your dog’s softer side? 

And what if this secret ingredient could be very affordable, all natural, not habit forming and with no side effects? 

I’m here to tell you about a behavior treatment for dog aggression that you may not have thought of - or even heard about. 

A natural supplement that can help take the edge off bossy, bad-tempered, easily-aggravated, aggressive dogs. 

Flower remedies: restoring emotional balance the natural way 

Flower remedies are a natural therapy (used worldwide for nearly 100 years in people and animals) that gently bring extreme, unhealthy emotions back into healthy balance. 

And that’s a key element in reducing aggression. 

If you can level out the emotions that are fueling the bad behavior, it becomes so much easier to fix. 

A dog in a balanced emotional state is far less likely to resort to aggression to communicate. 

Whatever the circumstances are with your dog’s aggression, fixing this kind of problem behavior is about more than just obedience. It’s crucial that you’re able to bring your dog back into a more natural state of emotional balance. 

Flower essences' subtle but effective balancing action  can positively influence aggressive dogs in several ways: ​







What types of dog aggression can natural flower remedies help improve? 

At Aldaron Essences, we have targeted flower essence formulas painstakingly designed to help with:

  • Bossy, controlling, dominant dog behavior


  • Jealous, competitive, snappy, easily-aggravated dog behavior


  • Anxious, fearful, defensive aggression in stressed dogs


  • Protective, owner-guarding behavior, and even 


  • Fear-triggered dominance aggression in dogs.

Our exclusive flower remedy blends have been made specifically to help level out extreme reactions and get your dog on the road to getting along better!  


Why do our formulas work so well for aggressive dogs?

All of Aldaron Essences’ flower essence formulas for dog reactivity, bossiness, and aggression are designed by a professional dog trainer with decades of experience working with aggression and other serious dog behavior problems. 

Understanding the emotions behind problem dog behavior is critically important in selecting the appropriate essences for improving behavior. 


But don’t take our word for it!



Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Our Top 4 Natural Remedies for Dog Aggression

I’d like to show you now a few of our most popular natural remedies that could dramatically reduce your dog’s aggression – in a very simple, affordable & gentle way. 


But before we look at the exact formulas, give me a sec for a few quick “common sense caveats”. 

  • The use of flower essences does not replace the need for training your dog, and careful planning and management. 

  • Used with realistic expectations, flower essences can be an amazing tool. But they are only a tool, not a magic wand.


  • If your dog’s aggression has escalated to threatening, snapping, biting or fighting, you must use every sensible caution when working with your dog. This includes managing his interactions and confinement to ensure your dog is not a threat to others.


  • Unless you are very experienced working with the type of aggression your dog is exhibiting, please also seek qualified professional help. A great dog trainer can make all the difference!




Harmony contains our exclusive blend of proven Bach flower remedies in order to gently decrease overall levels of jealousy, possessiveness, and resentful behavior in dogs – while also increasing their levels of patience, acceptance and tolerance. We like to refer to our Harmony blend as the “Spread of Love” formula thanks to its unique ability to bring about a greater mental state of calm, love and patience to any dog that struggles with aggressive or combative-type behavior issues. Harmony works great for any single dog, or even multi-family dog households. It can be used on a regular basis or during times when there’s amplified friction between your own dog and other animals, family members or even strangers. 

Click here for more details on Harmony, plus product reviews and ordering info!




Does your dog exude signs of fear, mistrust or even defensiveness to people, places or even the smallest noises or movements? This hyper-state of defensiveness can lead to aggression that can be very difficult to deal with. In fact, it’s very common for many dogs who are either under-socialized or have been previously neglected or abused to be very guarded and overly defensive. But now thanks to our unique flower essence formula, Fear & Suspicion, your dog can finally let down their guard and relax. This amazing blend was developed way back in 1994 and continues to be one of our most reliable “go to” bestsellers for many happy dog owners, and for good reason – because IT WORKS!

Click here for more details on Fear & Suspicion, plus product reviews and ordering info!




It’s one thing to own a dog that’s protective of themselves or even you the dog owner. But when a dog expresses very prominent dominance and territoriality, it can make them become highly aggressive, pushy, uncooperative and very domineering (to say the least). While this kind of negative behavior can be quite scary, it can be greatly reduced with our Dominance & Territoriality flower essence blend. This exclusive blend of all-natural Bach flower remedies helps “turn down the dial” of your own dog’s dominance and aggression. It allows for your dog to not only become much softer and gentler, but to also become more cooperative, friendly and happy at the same time. You’ll be shocked at just how effective and transformative a few small drops of this well-balanced flower essence blend can be for your beloved dog. 

Click here for more details on Dominance & Territoriality, plus product reviews and ordering info!

Equilibrium treatment-fear-aggressive-re



Have you noticed that your dog can become highly confrontational, easily intimidated, or even become quite the bully while around other people or pets? The root cause of this kind of aggressive behavior is based on a certain level of fear, stress and/or anxiety. Our popular Equilibrium flower essence combines two of our essential blends (Very Scary Things + Dominance & Territoriality) into one very powerful and effective formula. Thanks to this unique combination, Equilibrium will help to quickly and naturally tone-down and dramatically reduce the fear, stress and anxiety that’s most likely fueling your dog’s aggressive behavior tendencies. In its place, your dog will become much calmer, more cooperative, and also exhibit a broader level of emotional flexibility that will be a much-welcomed relief to you, the proud dog owner. 

Click here for more details on Equilibrium, plus product reviews and ordering info!

Does Your Dog Not Get Along With Others? 

If this is the #1 problem you’re dealing with when it comes to your 4-legged friend, then we’ve created a page that’s been made just for you. Simply visit here to check out some of our most popular Flower Essence blends that can work for a dog that simply has problems getting along with others. 

Get your healing flowers today and start helping your dog to feel better, and get along better with others! 

Your dog will thank you!

Common Questions about Flower Essences for Dogs

How's it work?

Bach flowers balance out extreme emotions in both animals and people alike. They work with subtle body and mind energies and gently transform unhealthy, unbalanced emotional energies into their healthier, stronger selves. It’s an alternative medicine with an 80+ year history of success!

Is it hard to use?

Bach flower essences are very easy to use. Simply place a few drops of the essences in your dog’s food, on treats or directly in your dog's mouth. The essences are not hard on the body in any way and have no side-effects.

When can I expect results?

Positive effects from our Bach flower essence blends typically begin with 3 to 14 days, and build over time.

Is it expensive?

Flower remedies are one of the most economical natural therapies around. An 8 week supply of your dog's flower essence formula is just $18.99 !

Options: We offer ½ OZ, 1 OZ, 2 OZ and 4 OZ sized options that come with a dropper tip or as a fine mist spray, as well as two preservative options: traditional and alcohol-free.

Disclaimer and Common Sense Caution: 


Aldaron Essences formulas, and flower essences in general, are not medications and are not a substitute for veterinary care.


Behavior problems can be a sign of something physically wrong – please consult with your animal health care professional regularly, and if your dog experiences any sudden or dramatic change in behavior.

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