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Replace copy: Bach flower essences are used to moderate a full range of emotions and emotional excesses, and as such, they have many useful applications to the pet dog owner, dog sports competitor, dog trainer, and canine behavior consultant. Although originally developed to assist humans with their “emotional roadblocks”, the Bach remedies are now used worldwide with great success with all kinds of animals, including dogs. Animals and humans share the same basic range of emotions, after all. The main challenge in using Bach flower essences to improve dog behavior is interpreting the underlying emotions that are driving the behavior of concern. It is important to read your dog correctly, and refrain from projecting your emotions onto your dog. With canine reactivity, as with other behavior issues, having a sound basic knowledge of canine behavior is very helpful, therefore, when deciding to employ flower essences to help your dog’s behavior.

Aldaron Essences' Learning Center encompasses our article library with articles on not only flower essences for dogs, but on dog training and behavior.


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