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Is your dog scared of other dogs, worried about strange people, or stressed out in new places? Is she terrified during thunderstorms, fireworks, or gunfire? Does your dog's stress, fear or panic make vet visits or dog classes a nightmare? Is leaving your dog home alone a constant source of anxiety - for him and for you? 


Maybe your previously outgoing pup is going through a fearful, under-confident stage. Or having difficulty adjusting to a new house or new family member. Maybe adolescence hit, and your sweetheart dog has turned into a controlling bully. Or your senior dog, once self-possessed in any situation, has become timid, anxious and unsure of himself.

What do these issues have in common? They are exactly the types of behaviors that flower essences can help with. They're what we're helping dog owners with, every day, here at Aldaron Essences. 

What are flower essences? How can they help my dog?


Flower Essences are completely natural, unscented, dilute liquids that contain the energy signatures, or "essences",  of various healing flowers. They are capable of subtly "re-tuning" out of balance, extreme emotions in humans and animals. Each essence corresponds to a particular emotion, and over time, works to bring that emotion back into a naturally balanced, healthy state, 


There are flower essences that reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve cooperation, increase patience, decrease jealousy, and many more. 

Regardless of your dog's issues or history, whether you've had him for 10 days or 10 years, an Aldaron Essences' flower essence formula can help reduce stress, improve confidence, tone down negative behaviors, and shift the learning curve in the right direction. Now you can join pet owners and dog trainers everywhere in taking advantage of these uniquely helpful formulas. 

Our Best Sellers

Natural Behavior Help

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 For excessive nervous energy in high-strung dogs

Flower Essences for Stress, Fear, and Anxiety in Dogs

Very Scary Things

For fears, phobias, and general anxiety

Flower Essences for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

I’ll Be Back

For anxiety, panic, and/or loss of control when separated

Aldaron Essences:

All natural, behavior-balancing flower essence formulas for dogs


Stress, Fears, Anxiety


Reactivity & Aggression


Learning & Performance


Separation Anxiety & Over-Attachment


Shelter, Rescue & Rehome Issues


Senior Dogs


Features & Benefits

Why use Aldaron Essences? Our flower essence formulas for dogs have many benefits:

Safe and Gentle Flower Essences for Dogs

Safe & Gentle

With an extensive history of safe use in human and animals worldwide, flower essences are safe to use in dogs young and old. They are free from unwanted side effects, and don’t interfere with other treatments and therapies.

Non-Sedative Dog Flower Essences

 Non-Sedative & Non Habit-Forming

Flower essences balance out-of-balance emotions. They are not sedative, so won’t make your dog lethargic or ”dopey”. Their natural balancing action means your dog will need them less over time, not more. 

Simple to Use Flower Essences for Dogs

Simple to Use

Simply give a few drops to your dog - on a treat, in her food, or straight into her mouth - 3 times each day. Healthier, more balanced reactions typically begin within 3 to 14 days and gradually build over time.

Flower Essences for Dogs - Real World Results

Real World Results

Designed by longtime professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, each Aldaron Essences’ flower essence blend is formulated to improve common behavior issues in dogs. This means each formula is focused on helping owners of dogs with behavior issues get solid, real life results.

Flower Essences Recommended by Canine Professionals

Recommended by Professionals

Our formulas are used and recommended by canine behavior and training professionals, dog sports enthusiasts, rescue workers and, of course, pet owners who love our results! Find out why dog owners and trainers depend on our products for concrete results.

Flower Essences for Dogs Customer Service

Unbeatable Customer Service

Whether you need help choosing the right flower essence formula, are looking for something more personalized for your dog, or need guidance on canine behavior or training, we're here to answer your questions promptly, courteously, and thoroughly.

Learning Center

Browse our articles below for in-depth help on flower essences, dog behavior and training, and more:



“As a Certified Dog Trainer and a TTouch Practitioner I am always in the midst of problem behaviors that are rooted in an imbalance of emotions. Having seen the results with my dogs my clients feel very safe in contacting you. As a team we get such a pleasure seeing their dogs with your formulas get back to a place where they can think and be the best at being themselves. With my deepest appreciation, Julie Devlin Wassell.”


~ Julie Devlin Wassell CPDT-KA, TTCAP
New Leash on Life Mindful Dog Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your flower essences for dogs only?

Developed by longtime dog trainer and behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, Aldaron Essences are designed to address dog behavior and training issues. However, any type of animal can benefit from our formulas. If you feel the description of the emotions for one of our flower essence formulas fits the needs of your cat, horse, rabbit, etc, we encourage you to try it!

How is this better than Rescue Remedy?

We like to say our formulas go “beyond Rescue Remedy”. Rescue Remedy is one combination of 5 Bach flower essences. It’s highly effective at alleviating emotional stress, shock, and trauma, whether it’s recent or in the past. Aldaron Essences’ formulas use a wider range of Dr. Bach’s 38 flower essences, so they are able to address many more types of emotion-driven dog behavior problems.

Are flower essences a kind of aromatherapy?

Although they sound quite similar, flower essences and aromatherapy work very differently. First off, flower essences have no noticeable scent! The essences are prepared from pure water in which selected flowers have been infused. Instead of aroma, what is preserved is the "energy signature" of the flower. It is this subtle vibrational pattern that holds the therapeutic value of flower essences. It acts as a kind of "tuning fork" for out-of-balance emotions, by providing the body with plant version of the healthy, balanced pattern for a particular emotion. The body will naturally try to match the healthy pattern, re-adjusting itself, over time, into a healthy emotional state.

Is this something my dog will have to be on forever?

When the right flower essences are chosen for a training or behavior problem, they can produce lasting or even permanent "re-tuning" of emotional states. So, if you give your dog a well-chosen flower essence formula for, say, a few months, the adjustment should last for some time after you stop giving it. How long depends on the individual dog and circumstances. If there are factors in his life - poor health, stress, too little exercise, etc – that push him back out of emotional balance, then you may need to give the essences again for a time, until he gets into balance.

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