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Why include Aldaron Essences in your training program?

Out-of-balance emotions block learning and inhibit strong performance. And nothing beats flower essences for easing emotions back into balance. This subtle-energy therapy may sound dainty, but it can be remarkably effective in supporting your dog's ability to learn, focus, and show at her best.

Here's what just a few of our clients have to say:


Team: Terry and Grace

Terry and Grace

Sport: K9 Nosework

Formulas: Aldaron Essences' Very Scary Things

Results: "Hi Julie - I wanted to share my story of Grace an Australian Shepherd with noise sensitivity. We retired Grace from most dog sports due to environmental (noise) issues and started competing in K9 Noseworks. Even thought she managed to work through most environmental challenges an incident at a trial set her confidence back considerably.  Unbeknownst to the trial host a track meet with starter pistol being fired was being held in the same location. The gunfire sent Grace into a flight response, trying to leave the search area to go to the safety of her crate. I contacted you and Very Scary Things was recommended and I have to say the results were short of remarkable. Not only was Grace confident at the following trial she ignored sounds that would normally have triggered at least an acknowledgement and completed the NW2 title 8th place out of 34 dogs. Thank you for the recommendation and marvelous products."

Terry Fisk
Firecreek Australian Shepherds
ASCA Hall Of Fame Kennel #39


Team: Helen and Pankies

Helen and Pankies

Sport: Agility

Formulas: Aldaron Essences' Custom Flower Essence Formula

Results: Aldaron Essences Helped to Turn My Dog Around! When I decided to breed my MACH 2 agility standard Poodle to keep a puppy for myself, I was so excited! I chose the stud dog carefully and a friend whelped the litter for me because we live full time in an RV.

We visited the pups every week. At seven and a half weeks, it was obvious that one of the puppies was not right in the head. My husband tried to play with her. She bit him and bolted to the farthest corner of the property and hid. Nothing we did would coax her out. The other pups played and had a blast but she hid by herself in that corner.

I decided after that and her disastrous temperament test that I had better keep her. It wouldn't be right to place her in a home. She was such an extreme head case.

Long story short, I tried training her but she had no interest in toys or me. She acted like she hated me. If she choked up a treat she would bolt in terror, projectile urinating and air snapping. That was how she dealt with everything that scared her. She was especially petrified of other dogs. I spent many days in tears. I watched as her littermates were doing extraordinary things, but she could barely function.

I contacted Julie at Aldaron Essences. I filled out a lengthy questionnaire and had many email exchanges with Julie to help her understand exactly how bad off this poor dog was. Julie came up with a concoction she thought would help my dog UPGRAYEDD (asks Pankies). I used the drops religiously and began to see a difference. It was slow at first, but with each step up in Pankies' confidence, I was able to add to her training. She went from being unable to function much at all outside of her own home, to a superstar in agility. It took several years, but once she turned the corner, everything began to fall into place for her.

Up until February of 2014, she was unable to do contact equipment at trials. She was four years old! Then once she decided they were safe, she never looked back! She went from not being able to compete in standard classes to being qualified for AKC Nationals in less than five months! By the end of the summer she was half way to her AKC agility championship! I never thought that would happen! Now she loves agility more than anything!

Here is a video of her before we put her on the Aldaron Essences.

Here she is in a jumper run not too long after the above video.

Here she is in a standard run

Never give up on your dog!

Helen Grinnell King
Agility Blogger: The Global Warmers
Author, Picking Your Performance Puppy and What's Your Angle? Understanding Structure and Angulation for the Performance Dog


Team: Stephanie and Jesup

Stephanie and Jesup

Sports: Rally and Obedience

Formulas: Aldaron Essences' Calm and Moderation

Results: "I have been using various formulas from Aldaron Essences for a while now. I have a 4 yr old intact male who has personal space issues and is very touchy when other dogs stare at him. He goes to dog training class a couple of times a week and I was using the Calm formula for a while to take the edge off when we would go to class so he would ignore the other dogs better. It worked but I thought there might be a better formula for him so I tried Moderation. Wow, what difference! I give him a couple of sprays before we leave for class and he can now walk in to the training building without all the "I'm here and this is my building!" antics. He looks around much more calmly as we go in and has not felt the need to tell other dogs off who were already in the building. He still has issues when dogs get too close at times but it's improving!

Thank you, Julie, for these great formulas - they have really helped us work through some behavioral and training issues."

Stephanie Case


Team: Terry and Trace

Terry and Trace

Sport: Hunt Tests

Formulas: Aldaron Essences' Hyper-Drive

Results: "Julie, my 2.5 year old hyper Lab boy got his first Senior (intermediate level) pass this weekend. I've been trying so hard to be a positive trainer in a punishment-based field world and almost giving up. But this Sunday with help from Hyper-Drive to take the edge off his out of control drive for birds he did it. And in a test where many pro dog trainers were complaining and several didn't pass.

I am thrilled! I will be buying this by the gallon instead of two ounces. It gives him the "settle" enough to listen for teaching/ training. And for holding himself together in the field and listening to directions from the other half of the team."

Terry Lynn Cuyler CPDT-KA
Pawsitive Results In Home Dog Training


Team: Pat and Kiah

Pat and Kiah

Sport: Agility

Formulas: Aldaron Essences' High Anxiety and Hyper-Drive

Results: "Aldaron Essences, and Julie, have really been a blessing to my young Australian Cattle Dog, and to me. Kiah has high prey drive, loves to work, is both food and toy motivated, but tugging is what she truly loves. We joined a foundation agility class late winter, 2014, but Kiah was so worried about her environment, moving dogs, strange people, etc., that she couldn't focus either on me or even on tugging. She could focus as long as I could manage the environment but that wasn't always possible.

I had read about flower essences, and Aldaron Essences in particular. Julie was absolutely great about communicating, making recommendations, and even answering my numerous questions about different training issues. Julie suggested we try High Anxiety first, and I noticed that within a short time Kiah was able to focus easier but it was still difficult for her to work in close proximity to moving dogs. We decided to add Hyper-Drive, and the results were almost immediate! Within a few weeks, Kiah was actually able to lay next to a new dog in class, watching other dogs run! She actually focused on ME!!! I was amazed, and so thankful to Julie and Aldaron Essences. Kiah is a work in progress, but I am so looking forward to the journey. She is an amazing pup, a challenge for sure. I just don't want to run out of the flower essences, lol!!!!"

Patricia Duncan






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